The Trust’s Legacy Society

The Honor Guard Legacy Society is a special group of friends who have made a lasting commitment to preserve America’s historic battlegrounds by including the American Battlefield Trust in their estate plans.

Sign Declaration of Intent

You can join this group when you make the American Battlefield Trust part of your lasting legacy. Any gift, large or small, will make a huge impact on our mission to preserve our nation’s hallowed battlegrounds and educate future generations about the vital role these battlefields played in determining the course of our nation’s history.

If you have named the American Battlefield Trust in your estate plan, we would like to recognize your generosity and commitment by welcoming you into the Honor Guard. Please contact us or fill out our Declaration of Intent. Honor Guard benefits include:

  • Your name in our Annual Report (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
  • Your name in Hallowed Ground (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
  • Invites to specialized or local events
  • Receiving an Honor Guard flag on your name badge for any events you attend

We are honored that generous supporters like you choose to support our mission in this way. And so we make this pledge to you: we will always use your legacy gift wisely and the way you intend.

Learn more: View Honor Guard Members PDF | Testimonials

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